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Lefkada Beaches If you want to experience dreamlike moments in unique beaches with turquoise colors and golden beaches then the next station is definitely Lefkada . This island has so many beaches that you do not know in which one to go , each one has a unique beauty and colors that will convince even the most discerning tourist for the reputation that carries . On this island you can enjoy swimming wherever you are because the whole coastline of Lefkada is accessible. Let's describe the most important ones.
Porto Katsiki
If you like the turquoise colors then you will surely be enchanted by the Porto Katsiki. Crystal clear waters and beautiful landscape is perfect combination. This beach is being voted as one of the best beaches in Greece every year.
A vast beach for many games and dancing since the beach bars which surround it, play loud house music with fun beating red. The sea is unique and fully organized beach. There are many café, taverns and newly built structures for your stay around the beach.
This is an ideal beach for families as the water is not steep and the children can play safely. The water is crystal clear and the views of the Nikianas picturesque harbor and the Arcadian Mountains are unique. Within walking distance there are taverns and cafe. The trees that are present in the sand are also a good reason to select it.
It’s a very cosmopolitan youth beach. There are many beach bars and a club with water toys to upload your adrenaline pumping along the beach. The view of the neighboring islands is fantastic.
Agios Nikitas
Agios Nikitas is one of the best beaches on the island, in one of the most beautiful bays of Lefkada. The water is turquoise with fine sand. The beach is organized and you will find anything you need within walking distance.
Ai Yiannis
The beach of kite surfers and not unfairly, since there are dozens of kite surfers creating unique images especially with the sunset. The beach is located just outside the city of Lefkada and around it there are taverns and cafe.
One of the most beautiful beaches with the sole drawback its access. There are two ways to access; one is by taxi boat from the beach of Agios Nikitas and the other following the signs through the streets of Agios Nikitas.
Just outside to Vasiliki village there is a fantastic beach with turquoise waters, is so clearly that you can distinguishes a coin at 10 meters. You can also go by boat from Vasiliki and enjoy the unique journey
Award winning beach is the title that deserves. Whatever we write for this beach, we will surely injustice it. You got the feeling that you are in a large pool when you swim in the turquoise waters. The only disadvantage is the 300 steps you will need to get off, but you will forget it when you arrive.
It is a beach that has many common elements with Kathisma. Its great advantage is that it has not been influenced by the visitors over the years. The water are crystal clear with boundless beach for ultimate privacy.
Near to Geni village, there is a beautiful bay with turquoise water and a lot of green. The beach due to the geomorphological position has rarely air and is suitable for exploration.
In the beautiful bay of Vassiliki, there is the famous beach of windsurfers. Dozens of windsurfers demonstrate their skills in waves during the evening hours, when the wind is stronger. The landscape images are magical. The beach is organized and you'll find everything.
According the name this beach is surrounded by pine trees and plenty of shade for those who don’t want to be exposed in the hot sun. The water is crystal clear and the beach is endless. You can go to the background of the beach if you like nudism y. The beach is organized. Poros
For those who want to live moments of absolute relaxation, Poros bay is the ideal. The air absence and the few people are the main characteristics.
The beach is located near the floating bridge of Lefkas and ends up the beach of Agios Ioannis. It is boundless and is ideal for those who do not like crowds.
The beach is located near to Kalamitsi village. It is impressive with huge rocks in the sea and the turquoise water. Also if you want to walk too close, there are the Kavalikefta and Avalon beaches.
There is a lovely bay with spectacular beach and privacy, very close to the Marantochori village,. The water is crystal clear with blue color. Ammousa is organized, has a lot of café around and taverns to sample local recipes.
All these beaches that we have described are the best known in Lefkada. There are still too many with special beauty that you can explore.
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