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Lefkada history The 7th century BC, Corinthians settled in Lefkada and the first great work they did was to divide Lefkada from the mainland, for political and military reasons . Lefkada was conquered by Philip of Macedon in 338BC and along with other cities of Acarnania had turned against the Romans in 220BC. Romans took revenge and won in 167BC. The capital of Lefkada Nirikos was in Kalligoni area for almost 2500 years and until today there are the ruins of the Roman period . In 1204 it became part of the Dominion of Epirus and the bishop Nikiforos Angelos gave the island as a dory to his daughter Maria in 1294 who married the Sicilian Orsini and built the castle of Santa Maura. Santa Maura was the next capital city of the island until 1684 . The hardest years of Lefkada was in 1300 and for the next 60 years, until Leonard A came in the island and things changed for the better .The Turks occupied the island in 1479, for almost 200 years . The Venetian, who followed the Turks, affected too much the island and left their mark . The capital city changed the location in 1685 until today. The island passed into the democratic French hands in 1797 until 1810 , then passed to British in 1815 and finally joined the Greek states with all the other Ionian islands.
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