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Lefkada Sightseeing In Lefkada you can fill your time with really beautiful explorations. The great attractions do not have anything to envy of the largest resorts in the world.
The beauty of nature that God has given generously to this island and those who built so painstakingly residents of Lefkada from ancient times to today, can be characterized as attractions.
The island is very famous in Greece and around the world for its amazing beaches with the incredible colors that sea has. The majority of those are unique, have special beauty and many of the biggest magazines in the world adorn them every year as the one of the best beaches in the world.
The mountains of Lefkada hide a magical treasure. If you decide to explore the mountainous Lefkada you will be rewarded with magical images and memories. The Mellisas canyon in picturesque trails and in wooded areas, waterfalls located very close to Nidri and hidden churches in every region of the island, are some that are worth a closer look. The imposing castle of Agia Mavra located at the entrance of Lefkada with great history, was once the capital of Lefkada. Taking a walk inside this, you will see the small church of Agia Mavra, the British Cemetery and many more.
The Faneromenis monastery is a church monument located very close to the town of Lefkada. Built on a site with a fantastic view to the beach of Agios Ioannis. A place that when you visit you will immediately feel a calmness of the serene atmosphere of the space. There is a museum with rare exhibits and a paradise of birds, deer, fish ponds, geese and more inside the church.
Also Lefkada has so much history that could not be missing the museums. There are two libraries with rare books and printed matter, Folklore museums, phonograph museum, Ecclesiastical museum and the archaeological museum in the town of Lefkada.
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