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Lefkada villages Lefkadas mountains are trimmed with rich flora and beautiful traditional settlements. The mountainous villages have rich history and active action in the cultural life of the island. The island visitors can easily visit them as the roads are in a very good condition, as also the infrastructures with beautiful traditional stone houses with all amenities. Let's describe the most famous.
Agios Ilias
This is located northwest of the island, 5 km from Sivro and 13mm from Vasiliki. It is the most mountainous village of Lefkada and dominates below the plateau of Elati, offering panoramic view.
Agios Petros
West of Vassilki and ascending the mountain, we arrive to Agios Petros village with spectacular view over the Vassiliki plain and to the highest mountain Stavrota. The name comes from St. Peter's Church which dates from the 14th century.
The first name of the village was Azani and the first inhabitants were Italian. It has panoramic view and is located close to the famous beach of Porto Katsiki. It is the last village encountered on the way to the Cape Lefkata.
Located on Skaros mountain in which there is a unique forest of oaks in all the Ionian islands. Residents are scarce as most were transferred to the seaside village Nikiana
The Apolpena village is Just 2km outside the Lefkada town. On the western side of the village is the Agios Ioannis beach and before the beach there is a cave with stalactites. Also within walking distance is worth to visit the Iera Moni Theotokou the Leader monastery which is one of the oldest Christian monuments that have survived from the island. Lazarata
Located in the northern part of the island at an altitude of 400 meters and 10km from the Leftada city. A traditional village with narrow streets and taverns with local delicacies. The village has two churches of St. Spyridon and St. Dionysios with towering spires and magnificent wooden temples.
It is built at an altitude of 430m and is part of the Sfakiotes municipality. It is a traditional village with cobbled streets and stone houses. On June 24th are celebrated cultural events.
It is 32 km from the Lefkada city and an altitude of 320m. It has too much water and once there were 24 mills for the farmers needs. The landscape starts with olive trees and higher up with many plane trees. The visitor should taste the beauty of nature and walk in the paths to the source of the Cherry canyon, to the Dafnis wood and and finally to Karoucha cave.
Located northwest of the island and is just 7km from Lefkada. It is a lively village with accommodation and taverns that offering relaxing holidays. Cultural events are organized in August which called Vergineia with theater and dance department of the cultural association. There is also the cave of Agios Ioannis in the area that is worth to exploring.
One of the most beautiful villages of Lefkada is Karya. Beautiful houses built in a wooded hillside with wonderful view. This village is well known for its hand embroideries and when you will be there you will see many women to embroider out of their yards. Also in the central square you will find many shops and taverns to enjoy delicious savories from Lefkada under the old plane trees.
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